• A plea for openness

    Now that there’s so much willingness, technology and skill to create beautiful virtual worlds, it’s disappointing how many videogames cling to obstacle-based designs. As if players have to earn the privilege to explore by passing an irrelevant test. Now is the time to open up this medium, to let go of our affections and addictions, […]

  • A new future for videogame consoles?

    Is it too late? Are videogame consoles dead? They certainly have lost much of their impact. And they are no longer the key to wide success or profitability. What happened? Many things I’m sure. But one thing, in my opinion, especially. Game consoles refused to make a medium out of videogames. They had everything going […]

  • Notgames Fest keynote

    This is the keynote presentation Cologe GameLab asked us the give at the finnisage of the Notgames Fest on 16 August 2011. Almost 10 years ago, Auriea and I switched from the web to video-games as a medium for our artistic activities. We had already been playing some video-games and they had inspired our work […]

  • The Unnamed Medium

    Open your favorite music program right now, play some music, and turn on the visualizer.  Look at it for a minute or two.  Put it in the background while you read the rest of this essay. Back yet?  Good.  Now, what you’ve been looking at is art.  I don’t mean to say that it’s Art […]

  • Against linearity

    I’ve written an article that follows up on some of the ideas expressed in our 2006 Realtime Art Manifesto. It specifically questions why most videogames don’t seem to take advantage of the non-linear and real-time properties of computer technology; and attempts to define those properties in a more inspiring way than is generally done. Because […]

  • Not a manifesto

    Notgames is not a category. Notgames do not exist. There are no notgames. Notgames is not an art movement. Notgames is not a genre. Notgames is a project. Notgames is a challenge. Notgames is a question. Can we create a form of digital entertainment that explicitly rejects the structure of games? What is an interactive […]