• Notgames Fest 2015

    From 2 to 8 August, Cologne Gamelab is hosting another Notgames Fest at their new location Schanzenstraße 28 in Cologne, during GDC and Gamescom. Like the previous 2 editions, the exhibition will be designed by the students, making the Notgames Fest the most beautiful show of games on the planet. The projects on display are: […]

  • Notgames Fest 2013: Call

    Submission deadline Monday July 8, 12 a.m. GMT If games form the top of an iceberg, notgames provide the remainder. Videogames are an incredibly versatile creative medium. Beyond the confines of competitive play, a wealth of experiences awaits us. From deep psychological probing to whimsical lighthearted joy, this year´s Notgames Fest intends to illustrate the […]

  • Notgames releases in 2012

    2012 Promises to be a fruitful year for the notgames community, with 10 new releases planned by 7 of its members. One of these titles, Dear Esther, has already stirred up quite a bit of attention recently with its quadruple nomination in the Independent Games Festival. But there’s more where that came from. NOTGAMES RELEASES […]

  • Notgames Fest keynote

    This is the keynote presentation Cologe GameLab asked us the give at the finnisage of the Notgames Fest on 16 August 2011. Almost 10 years ago, Auriea and I switched from the web to video-games as a medium for our artistic activities. We had already been playing some video-games and they had inspired our work […]