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Author Topic: Silence in the Mist  (Read 20212 times)
Tyler Snell

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« on: November 16, 2012, 05:06:19 AM »

(Not sure if this should be here or in "Check this out")

I somehow stumbled across this beautiful game a couple weeks ago. Looks like it's by a Chinese student(?) named Peng Bi Tao. It's very powerful and simple.
and on moddb for an easier download:

The author's description (obviously translated, but it's wonderful):
"This is an adventure game that also has a lot of other element such as maze, act, feeling, puzzle. The music and the enviroment will change by player's action. And the player must find how to play and feel the game all by himeself. There is an end, the only End. If the end appear, game ends. There are many dead area that will make player cannot approach the End. And if you get there, you have no choice but restart. But the you can get back to sometime before at any time. This game now contain a main mission and one hided area."

I'd recommend not looking at too many of the screenshots that he has up. Just know that there's quite a lot beyond the initial forest. I realized what was happening the first time, but it took me a couple times to actually get beyond the forest. Have to be patient. I haven't gotten much further though.
It's a bit frustrating, but I like the idea of having a single unforgiving path. Gives it a neat mystical quality. And it's surprisingly enjoyable to just wander through the trees, listening to the music.

A couple screenshots:

And here's the author's website, with some other games:

"Peng Bi Tao - I'm not a game developer but just learning to write poem."
Love it!
Michaël Samyn

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« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2012, 01:10:17 PM »

Nice. We experimented with that fog trick way back when we were prototyping 8.
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