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: Technology's endless reboot cycles
: Michaël Samyn October 18, 2011, 03:28:58 PM
Of course you can choose the option of being against social games and labelling them as the scorn of the earth. But I would challenge you to do something different. I would challenge you to improve social games. Let's use and treat Facebook (and other social networks) as pure game platforms. Let's help bring the quality we want to social gaming!

Initially, this sounds like a reasonable and even exciting proposition to me. And then I realize that we've been there already. When we started using a computer for print design, we had to accept the limitations of desktop publishing. Then we started working on the internet and the web was very limited back then, so again we had to scale down our ambition. When our hopes for capable technology were smothered by the rise of web 2.0, we gave up and fled to the game industry. In a way, working in 3D was another step backwards: shapes had to be simple and we were constantly fighting for performance. Then when PCs and consoles were finally picking up speed, when we were starting to see shaders and a wider spread of 3D video hardware, smart phones became all the rage. Small screens with underpowered processors became our new "challenge". And now we're back to the web, not the old web from before, with its openness and potential, but the closed down, censored environment of corporate domains. It's frustrating to see all this potential and still the (popular) technology keeps reverting (or clinging?) to a previous state over and over again. No wonder retro is such a popular style... :'(

: Re: Technology's endless reboot cycles
: KnifeFightBob October 18, 2011, 04:33:50 PM
Retro is the cutting edge, in a strange juxtaposition.

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