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: Space Attack
: Kaworu Nagisa February 16, 2010, 02:20:20 PM

The game itself is nothing special. Although what's interesting is the mix of two games in one that works quite well.

The reason I post it here is the idea behind "Eufloria" game. Do you know this one? You probably do thanks to IGF. It used to have much better name, i.e. "Dyson". Game was inspired by a lecture or just some ideas of Freeman Dyson. Guys who made "Eufloria" posted this lecture once on their blog and I've watched it two or three times as the imagination of so-called scientist was enchanting, and the way he was expressing his ideas. Anyway, he had this idea that somewhere in the future our kids will be able to go to a shop and buy biologically modificated (or totally created) very tiny, nearly invisible creatures. And then send them to moons of distant planets in Solar System and through special devices observe them. These creatures would survive in (for us) extreme environment and would begin to colonize moons or whatever else there is. As other kids would do the same, the little creatures would began to fight and wars would began. You know, biofuturistic toy that requires a true madman to invent but it so amazingly enchanting as a vision. I've played "Dyson" and found traces of this vision that has lost its enchantment. And after name's change it was obvious that they went into totally different direction, regretfully.

Now, this little Space Attack flash game feels much more like Dyson's vision to me. You play puzzle game (which is like collecting resources) and use resources to send your little buddies to destroy buddies of other kid (well, AI) and "colonize" more and more.

And that's the only reason why I am finding it interesting and worth posting :)

Idea of Freeman Dyson is still something unexplored and I really hope that sooner or later someone will make a (not)videogame out of it.

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