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Looking for junior programmer/artist team for prototyping new concept

I have this idea in my head for a new game. I refuse to think about it too much because I have lost faith in my ability to judge design decisions on paper. I need to see things. I don't have time to work on this myself right now, but since it may become a fairly large production that requires some preparation, I'm eager to refine the concept.

I am considering my role in this project as that of a director. I want to retain an overview and guide other people in the work. And I want to "practice" this role for a bit, since up till now I've always done almost everything myself, at least when it comes to the work in the game engine.

So I'm looking for a programmer and a 3D artist to collaborate with each other on creating a prototype for this new project under my close supervision. Both need to be comfortable with working in Unity and need to be able to communicate fluently with me (in English or Dutch). The prototype involves large landscapes, nature, architecture and very few characters.

We want to pay for the work, but we don't have a lot of money for this at the moment. If all goes well, however, there's of course a good chance that we continue to work with these people when the full production starts, which will be properly paid. So we're looking for people interested in doing a sort of internship or people who are just starting, and are looking to get more experience/grow their portfolio. We will pay them, just not very much, sadly.

All work will happen remotely, via the internet.
We expect candidates to have some affinity with the kind of videogames that we make at Tale of Tales. Because we want them to be creative in the right direction. I'm not going to fight over the inclusion of enemy space ships. Wink

Please direct any people who might be interested to us ( reception at ).
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The programmer spot has been filled. But we still would like a 3D artist to help prototype this idea. Please direct any possible candidates to us.
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