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A medium to be left to the storytellers

Re: A medium to be left to the storytellers
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I've always considered Greenaway to be one of a small group of directors who made artistic films more accessible in the 1980s (next to Almodovar, Jarmush, Jarman, Hartley, Lynch, Kar-wai, Egoyan, Wenders). Back then I found (previous) art films demanding and difficult to enjoy, but these directors made it easy. They made art films fun.

It's amusing to read how Greenaway argues against seeing cinema a popular medium.

And quite different from the situation in games now. Back in the 80s, Greenaway had quite a bit of precedent to rely on (Lang, Goddard, Pasolini, Fellini, Truffaut, Fassbinder, Bergman, Buñuel, Rohmer, Parajanov, etc). There was a lot of substance to base his argument in favor of cinema as a mature art form on. Not so in videogames.

But let's not forever compare the two media. These are different times. There's is no reason why one medium should follow the same path as another.
Re: A medium to be left to the storytellers
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related to this discussion is this talk

at around minute 20 Greenaway is talking about 4 tyrannies to get rid of in order to re-create true cinema: the frame, the text, the actor and the camera.

The camera is a tool, that shows only what there is in front of it. Quite different than what Picasso said: I don't paint what I see, I paint what I think.

So here is my conclusion, that if we remove all 4 tyrannies from the cinema and add activity to it, what do we get then? videogames.

In videogames, there is no camera (everything is created in the moment), so it works like Picasso: paint, what the developer thinks.

There are no actors in videogames.

How to get rid of the frame, I don't know, but to get rid of a text-based development process is common to me...

p.s. if you follow the link, you can turn on automated google captions to the talk. I could not watch it, it was too funny so that I could not concentrate any more. Like this
example: battalions in the audience and a lot of your italian origins rather bombastic
example: six barons (experiments) or even: springs instead of screens

I challenge you to find out what: bus mama hawk moment
really means Wink
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