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games and rockmusic

games and rockmusic
« on: May 23, 2010, 02:08:00 am »

For a while now i have this – in my eyes - interesting thought. What if games make the same turn as music as an art form in around the 60s did. Rockmusic: the focus on bands and the identification with your musical peers.
Why is the indie scene of games so small? We should attract  the same people that hear indie music. But we don’t do because  there is currently no social need for indie games, it simply isnt established as a way of being „different“. I also have the impression that they simply don’t KNOW how favorable games can tell stories and transport emotions ( same functions music has).
What should change is that independendant game studios (i like that word ☺) should present themselves very similar to indierockbands. Mhm, I cant really describe. But I hope you can also imagine the cultural, social changes in indie games, that I foresee.
Or do you think that games are different from music?

hugs & kisses from germany Grin
J. Nickler

P.S.: the Path is historical - seriously

games = both games and notgames seen as an artform
indie music=everything which is not radio
Re: games and rockmusic
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2010, 09:56:46 am »

Thank you for the compliment about The Path.  Kiss

Maybe one of the "problems" that games have is that they are still (perceived as) geeky, nerdy. That will change if a) computers become easier to use and you can just "play a game" instead of "have, manage and maintain a computer and then install a game and then re-configure the computer to run the game, etc" and b) games are not just about competition (=sports).
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