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: Privet
: fedor January 14, 2014, 11:08:13 PM
Hello NOTGAMES community!

My name is Fedia, write to you from Moscow, Russia, and here is my blog:

I`m newbie in gamedev, (and not-gamedev as well), but feel that is most interesting direction and the language of art for me.

My first expiriense was a little game for mobile devices, in terms of gameplay, it was a quite classical, crimsonland-like game about hungry slavic dragon. Here is some video of it here:
I did this in cooperation with programmer-guy, and now I’m develop one not-game project alone with using unity, simultaneously studying it, cause I’m absolutely noob in coding.
This project has working title "Garmoniums" in the honor of the same name characters of Kurt Vonnegut novels.
in the basic, I want to make audiovisual exploring game, that inspired by the idea of synesthetic perception. Its contains some objects that linked to different sounds, each of this objects represents its space and simultaneously, in some places, its mixed with each other in the soundscape.
Some screenshots, and download link to demo build you can find here:

Now it is pretty crude, and it lacks of wholeness to make all concept readable, but I feel the need to be included in the discusion, cause I'm doing it completely isolated, and think that is not good for objective evaluation of own work.
So I will happy with any feedback, your community is very authoritatively for me!

Greetings from Moscow,

: Re: Privet
: God at play January 14, 2014, 11:51:25 PM
Hi :)

You should become friends with the Arcane Kids and Christoffer Hedborg, you seem to share similar sensibilities with regards to your audiovisual thingy. Which by the way has a nice atmosphere and surreality to it!

: Re: Privet
: fedor January 15, 2014, 10:01:10 PM
Hi, thanks a lot for the tip! I will try.
These guys are cool, i got Arcane Kids "Perfect Stride" few months ago as a part of LA GameSpace experimental pack, but house of 1000 snakes maybe shook me even more, especially snake posters merch part  :D

: Re: Privet
: Michaël Samyn January 17, 2014, 10:46:04 AM
I like your visual style: colors and textures.

: Re: Privet
: fedor January 18, 2014, 12:22:52 PM
Thanks, Michaël!

Sometimes during development and studying technology, I have a big temptation to use too much of some effects and visual things, and in result have oversaturated picture in places where it is not necessary.
And probably it is not good for readability of whole concept, so I`m working also to clean up and organize it all a little bit :)

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